Community Update from Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center


Plain Dealer, Friday, July 3, 2020. Headline: “DeWine: Ohioans in Cuyahoga [county] . . . should limit activities as much as possible”

The aspiration of the Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center is to offer meditation instruction and practice as well as teachings from the long lineage of wisdom within Tibetan Buddhism. We have been closed, due to the coronavirus pandemic, for over four months and have been hoping that we could re-open in the near future.

However, given the rise in recent cases of infection related to the coronavirus, our governor has given Level 3 rating (out of 4 levels in his newly devised alert warning system) to the severity of the situation in Cuyahoga county. As a result, the governor states “Wear a mask when you go out, for sure. Consider on-line options, perhaps even for church services.”

Respecting these recommendations, Cleveland Shambhala will remain closed until further notice. All our on-line meditation sessions will remain open and available to everyone. Please refer to our website for further information

Thank you for your patience,

Barb Cromer

Director, Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center