Contentment in Everyday Life

with Melissa Van & Ann Palomo

October 5th—November 2nd (2017)

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Room: Lakewood Center
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Contentment is hard to find. We usually seek it in things, achievements or experiences.  How well has that worked? Are those lasting sources of contentment?  We learn to relax with ourselves and appreciate simple human experiences.  Difficult emotions and challenges of life can be met with gentleness, mindfulness and inquisitiveness.

This 5-week course is the second in the Everyday Life series of the Way of Shambhala path of training. The course includes guided meditation, talks, and open discussion of the challenges that meditators face in their practice.

Prerequisite: None—everyone is welcome.  Note: Contentment in Everyday Life is recommended preparation for the next course in the series, Joy in Everyday Life.

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