May Social - Community Gardening (with optional lunch)

May 19th—May 26th

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    Room: Lakewood Center
    Cleveland Shambhala, for the third year, will tend a garden plot at Madison Park, located at 13201 Madison Avenue, in Lakewood. Lakewood Community Services Center (LCSC) runs the community garden, and asks that participants donate at least 50% of the harvested produce to LCSC, for their clients in need of food assistance.

    You can help out at either, or both gardening sessions; family and friends are welcome. Everyone from absolute beginner to master gardener is needed and welcome.  LCSC will provide plants and seeds and some mulch on initial planting day, May 19th. We bring gardening implements, and may also supply additional plants, and fertilizer/mulch. I will bring a shovel, but if you have a hand trowel, please bring it. 

    Planned gardening and lunch details:

    Sat. May 19th, 10am - 11:15am: Initial planting, along with LCSC staff and other gardeners from nonprofit orgs, followed by optional lunch at 11:30 at Cleveland Vegan, 17112 Detroit Avenue, Lakewood

    Sat. May 26th, 10am - 11:15am: Gardening, followed by optional lunch at 11:30 at Taco Tonto’s, 13319 Madison Avenue, Lakewood

    Anyone who would like to come to only the lunches is welcome, too :)

    Looking forward to seeing you at Madison Park!