The Art of Being Human: Shambhala Training Level I

with Fred Schwieg

November 9th—November 10th

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Room: Lakewood Center

This is the first program of Shambhala Training, Level 1, a series of contemplative workshops, suited for both beginning and experienced meditators. The simple and profound technique of mindfulness and awareness is the basis of a secular path of meditation, which can benefit people of any spiritual tradition and way of life. Shambhala Training is the study and practice of Shambhala warriorship, the tradition of human bravery and leadership. This path shows how to take the challenges of daily life into our modern society as opportunities for both contemplative practice and social action.

Level I: The Art of Being Human
Practice sitting and walking meditation and learn the basic principles of the Shambhala path of warriorship. Rediscover the good energy present in all of our experience. This basic goodness, innate to the way things are, is our own inborn, unconditional nature.

Recommended Text: "Shambhala: Sacred Path of the Warrior" by Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche.
Prerequisite: None—everyone is welcome. This is a good immersion retreat for new meditators.

Note: The Art of Being Human, Level I, is prerequisite for Level II, The Birth of the Warrior.
We encourage Level I participants to also take Meditation in Everyday Life, a 5-week course that is a companion to the weekend retreat.

About Fred Schwieg: Fred Schwieg has been studying Buddhism and meditation in the Shambhala Tradition for 30 years. He is a student of Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche and was the Director of Cleveland Shambhala for over ten years.  He currently serves as its' Dorje Kasung representative.  In his private life he is a lawyer and lives in Rocky River Ohio.

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