Online Foundations For Freedom: The Hinayana

May 17th—June 28th

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In the spirit of “returning to square one”– a favorite expression of the Vidyadhara, Chögyam Trungpa, a group of Acharyas were inspired to offer to the community an in-depth study of the foundational Buddhist teachings of the Hinayana.

The suffering of samsaric existence is the blameless first noble truth. Such suffering is changing and impermanent and arises from infinite causes and conditions. It feels intensely personal (mine), and, in fact, is one of the bases we use to craft our identity (me and my problems), which is called “mistaking what has no self for a self”.

Beneficial to newcomers as well as those who have more experience with meditation, this series is open to everyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of the Hinayana teachings. Shambhala Acharyas Susan Chapman and Fleet Maull bring their insightful teaching styles to these six classes, the first set in a series to be held over the coming year.

All classes will be held via Zoom - Details will be provided after registration.

Course I Overview - with Acharyas Susan Chapman and Fleet Maull

Class 1: Introduction to the First Noble Truth and Mindfulness of Body (Please note this session on Sunday May 17, 2020 is a longer session.)

Class 2: The Four Marks of Existence: Impermanence (annica)

Class 3: The Four Marks of Existence: Suffering (dukkha)

Class 4: The Four Marks of Existence: Egolessness (anata)

Class 5: The Four Marks of Existence: Peace (nibana)

Class 6: Recorded Discussion on Zoom with both teachers


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