The Shambhala Dignities: Meek and Perky (Online)

with Shastri Marita McLaughlin & Fred Schwieg

October 8th—October 10th

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The Four Shambhala Dignities represent sacred qualities of the awakened warrior.

Meek, the first dignity, means the warrior manifests a sense of gentleness, genuineness, inquisitiveness and interest, without arrogance. Contentment comes from leading a life with appreciation of one’s good fortune and extending that sense of peace and well- being to others.

Perky, the second dignity, means the warrior manifests a sense of freshness, goodness, and cheerfulness – the world is vivid, clear and bright, which invites exertion and discipline. This discipline enriches the world with the confidence of joy and expresses itself as the ability to uplift any situation.



Completion of Rigden Weekend, and Great Eastern Sun, Windhorse, and Drala of the Sacred Path

Note: Dinner provided on Saturday.

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Shastri Marita McLaughlin has been a student of Buddhadharma and Shambhala dharma since 1976, under the guidance of the Vidyadhara Chogyam Trungpa and the Vajra Regent, Osel Tendzin. She continues her study and practice with Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Ms. McLaughlin has served as Co- Director of Dharmadhatu Chicago, Shambhala Training Resident Director, Squad Desung and was appointed by the Sakyong as one of two Shastris for Chicago in July of 2010. As an integrative Psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, she supports and assists individuals and couples as they mindfully discover their own wisdom.