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Online Programs

Online Sunday meditation instruction for new meditators

October 4th—January 31st (2021)

New to meditation? This is for you! Continue »

Online Sunday morning meditation

October 4th—January 31st (2021)

Online Heart of Recovery

October 5th—January 25th (2021)

A gathering of individuals who, through shared experience, strength, and commitment to abstinence are recovering from compulsive, addictive behaviors. Continue »

Online Tuesday evening meditation

October 6th—January 26th (2021)

Online Wednesday morning meditation

October 7th—January 27th (2021)

Windhorse: Part II of the Sacred Path Series

with Shastri Marita Mclaughlin

December 11th—December 13th

The Sacred Path series of weekend meditation and study programs are designed to further deepen your experience of meditation and contemplation practice. Continue »

Life of the Buddha through Art - The Ancient Sculpture of Gandhara

with Barb Cromer

January 17th (2021)

A visual journey through the eight major events that mark the life of the Buddha as depicted in the ancient sculpture of Gandhara. Continue »