Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center Statement

Cleveland Shambhala would like to make the following statement in response to the recent findings of sexual misconduct and harm perpetrated by our lineage holder Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche who has recently stepped aside from all teaching and administrative duties within Shambhala: We do not condone any behavior that results in harm to another individual and would like to relay our regret and sympathy to anyone who has experienced harm, of any form, within the Shambhala community. It is our aspiration to be part of the healing process as we continue to process all that has transpired as well as to make every effort to ensure that no such harm occurs in our local community. Every person has the right to meditate and study in a Shambhala center in an environment free from all forms of harm.

If such harm does occur, victims must have access to procedures related to reporting and investigation. The Council of Cleveland Shambhala pledges to its members as well as to program and meditation participants, a thorough and expeditious response to any report of sexual or physical abuse within our local community. For further detail of that reporting mechanism, please refer to our Care & Conduct Policy located in the community area (at the center). Included in the precis of that policy posted on the wall is a list of names and phone numbers of Council members for direct access of sangha leaders.

In conclusion, Cleveland Shambhala remains committed to the Shambhala principles of universal basic goodness as well as the vision of enlightened society. May our aspirations be of benefit.

Barb Cromer, Director
Ann Driscoll, Practice & Education
Michael Smith, Rusung
Becky Gardner, Chagdzo
Sue Wolpert, Societal Health & Well-Being
Kari Bast-Payne, Membership coordinator
Ann Palomo, Culture & Decorum

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