Meditate Now

The practice of meditation is a way of unmasking ourselves, our deceptions of all kinds, and also the practice of meditation is a way of bringing out the subtleties of intelligence that exist within us. The experience of meditation sometimes plays the role of playmate; sometimes it plays the role of devil’s advocate, fundamental depression. Sometimes it acts as an encouragement for birth, sometimes as an encouragement for death. Its moods might be entirely different in different levels and states of being and emotion, as well as in the experience of different individuals – but fundamentally, according to the Buddha, Shakyamuni Buddha, there is no doubt, none whatsoever, that meditation is the only way for us to begin on the spiritual path. That is the only way. The way.

~ Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche

If you are new to meditation, please visit Learn to Meditate. The Learn to Meditate page will provide instructions for the period of silence in the meditation session below.

5 Minute Meditation

The below meditation is a mindfullness meditation session starting with 3 gongs, a period of 5 minutes of silence, then closing with 3 gongs.