Generosity has been cultivated as a means to support the community of practitioners and as a virtue to develop unto itself since the times of the Buddha.

While generosity comes in many forms, financial generosity is vital in our current society. We can see that the organizations, products, services and ultimately the values that people invest in are the ones that thrive. Thus, making a donation is acknowledging the value that you feel the Center has in your life and community. For example, your donation can help the Center:

  • Reach out and make the meditation and dharma accessible to all
  • Bring senior teachers, from across the Shambhala organization, to our Center
  • Establish a secure foundation of support to weather any storms
  • Contribute to the basic upkeep of the center and keep things fresh


Please consider what you can do to help; no amount is too small to make a difference. Most importantly, we appreciate any consideration you give to donating to Cleveland Shambhala Meditation Center now and in the future.