Profound and Vast Buddhist Studies Series (Shaker Heights)

with Gordon Burgess

August 15th (2018)

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    Room: Eastside location

    An Introduction to the Buddhist Legacy of Shambhala

    For over 2500 years, the followers of Shakyamuni Buddha have sought to transform themselves and their world through the application of the Buddha’s insight and compassion to their life in the present moment.  This series of talks and discussions will explore the challenges, triumphs and frustrations that brought the fore-bearers of our contemporary Buddhist traditions to their own genuine realization, and how those realizations were transmitted to the next generation of students.

    Note: as related to the material being presented, each session will include appropriate Buddhist liturgy as translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee and others.

    Talk 1: “Thus Have I Heard”: Shakyamuni Buddha and the Early Sangha

    Who were the first Buddhists? What teachings did they receive, and how did they put them into practice?  How did the Buddha shape the community during his lifetime, and how did it evolve following his parinirvana?  This session will explore how the earliest Sangha evolved into our modern Buddhist community.

    There is no formal charge for this program. Donations are gratefully accepted.