Nyinthun: A Day of Practice

March 31st

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    Room: Lakewood Center

    ...to wake up from the dream of bewilderment and suffering, we first need to sit still and take a deep breath. Meditation is that deep breath, a way to strip away the chaos of bewilderment and find some basic sanity... with this healthy sense of self we can look more deeply into the meaning of our being.
    - Sakyong Mipham, Rinpoche

    A Nyinthun is a full-day group meditation practice, a chance to deepen one's own practice. The day will begin and end with English-language Buddhist chants, include periods of sitting and walking meditation, tonglen and contemplation. Functional silence will be observed during the entire Nyinthun.

    We encourage you to lean into your meditation practice and attend the full Nyinthun. You can join us for all or part of the morning, but the afternoon will be for those committed to staying until 4pm. Time your arrival/departure for the top or mid-point of the hour during walking meditation so that there is as little disruption as possible.  
    It is a wonderful way to practice deeply, investigate your mind and infuse your life with gratitude and gentleness.


    9-12: Opening chants and meditation
    12-1: Mid-day meal
    1-4: Meditation and closing chants

    Information regarding the mid-day meal:

    • Bring your own meal and beverage.
    • A refrigerator is available to store your food, and there is a microwave to heat a meal.
    • Beverages should be in bottles or closed containers.
    • Meals will be eaten mindfully in silence outside of the shrine room.